Yeah. . . so unfortunately, the real world has forcefully interrupted my blogging pattern, and so no new posts have been able to go up in quite some time. It looks like it might be that way for the immediate future as well – at least until things settle down somewhat at work.

In the meantime, I’m using this time to consider potentially regrouping and relaunching this blog in a new format and new location, as some of you have suggested. I’m aiming for a 2008 launch. If so, I will first wrap up the series on Elisha Cook on this site, and then post all the new info about the new site. Any feedback, suggestions, etc., on how I can do things different on my second go-round are appreciated. Stay tuned. . .


This blog has unfortunately gone on an involuntary hiatus recently, due to real life’s hectic and stressful schedule. Now it looks like this delay has been confounded by technical issues. I finally got around to writing a lengthy post discussing Nightmare Alley – the great Twentieth Century Fox noir from 1947 starring Tyrone Power – and using it as an example to demonstrate the elements of classical tragedy that appear in noir film (a topic that’s actually much more interesting than it sounds). Unfortunately, right when I was about to publish it, I pushed the “Save” button, not realizing the computer had cleverly used this label merely to disguise its “Irreversibly wipe out any trace of this post” button. All subsequent efforts to retrieve the draft have been futile. That’s technology for you.

At any rate, when I have the time and energy again, I’ll post on that or some other matter, but it might be a while before I have the chance. Hang tight, faithful reader.

New blog

August 1, 2006

Thanks for checking out my new blog. I’m planning on using this site as a forum of discussion on various films – mostly of the foreign, classic, and indie variety. It should be updated fairly regularly, depending on how much time I have (initially, I’m shooting for at least weekly updates).

I enjoy getting to know new people and hearing their opinions, so feel free to speak your mind and leave any feedback. Thanks.